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#TXPlaylist Vol. 5, Lockdown Listening by Greg Lemen

"Simmer” and “Sunny Sails” from the 2016 “Live Beets Vol. One.” For the instrumentalist in you that wants to drift to a faraway place without words clogging your pineal gland, both songs take you on a ride the whole album explores with funky organ, sharp guitar patterns and drums that hit the note you need to piece it all together. Rolf Ordahl on keys and bass, Rydog Johnson on guitar and Doug Leveton on drums provide this journey.


​​Canned Beets Residency at Half Step


Austin, TX instrumental groove trio, Canned Beets, began their Rainey Street residency in 2014. The band continues to pull locals and visitors to Austin into the dimly lit bar every Wednesday night. 

"Canned Beets takes [you] on a journey through time and space with a series of grooves that draw you into their lusciousness, and then hold you there."

- Jakes Srinivasan, Founder, WOBEON (Live Beets, VOL. 1 album review)

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